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28 octobre 2007 @ 16:02
100% Peter Petrelli  
I was in a Peter mood so I did icons:

- 22 avatars 'Peter - Vol.I'
- 7 avatars 'Peter - Vol.II'
- 6 avatars 'Paire' - manip par Emma
- 1 avatar animé 'Paire' - manip par Emma


Manip par Emma

PS: I am not sure about the english grammar! Is it 'What Kring want us to see' OR 'What Kring wants us to see'?
Missy: faith | power of gay!ever_obsessed on le 28 octobre 2007 15:31 (UTC)
Dude, I've been waiting for someone to icon the Manip of Greatness!

It should be "What Kring wants us to see," if that helps, =)
Duerreduerre76 on le 28 octobre 2007 15:52 (UTC)
Thank you!
I resolved the grammar mistake! :-D
atlantis2_04 on le 28 octobre 2007 15:42 (UTC)
for the fangirls and looking for my puppy ROTFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kristen bell´s face expression is almost mine!! i want my puppy back!!!! ;)

the manip paire icons *love*

thank you so much for these!!
Tracy ღ: halo FTWtracycutie on le 28 octobre 2007 17:55 (UTC)
totally snagging the manip kiss icons<3
Joannajoanna_484 on le 28 octobre 2007 19:37 (UTC)
These are amazing! They're certainly what we want to see :D
Michelle: Pairemichelsita on le 28 octobre 2007 19:39 (UTC)
I'm loving the icons! The coloring it's perfect!
Thank God! You made icons of that manip!
I'm snagging all the Paire icons and some of our dear Peter.
I'll credit ;)
♕ straight up unicornshampoo on le 28 octobre 2007 21:21 (UTC)
snagged the first 'omg!peter' one. 8D love itt.
Hannah: paire firehan_corrupted on le 28 octobre 2007 21:55 (UTC)
too gorgeous for words.
seriously amazing.
so stealing some manip-icons. :) they rule.
gorgeous batch. love it!
shopaholiclove on le 28 octobre 2007 22:33 (UTC)
those are good manips :) good job!
State of Inbetweenhellcat5 on le 28 octobre 2007 23:15 (UTC)
Hi I love the puppy one :) Thanks!
avaserenity: DSC 1avaserenity on le 29 octobre 2007 01:32 (UTC)
Definitly snagging the manip ones. Very nice.
Emma: [Heroes] Zach and Claire - Best Friendsestrelle_peto on le 30 octobre 2007 18:02 (UTC)
The colouring you used is fantastic, definitely snagging loads.

I love the 'Looking for my puppy' one.

Will credit when I use.
chiccqchiccq on le 31 octobre 2007 17:43 (UTC)
hi! i i took two of them..thanks a lot .will credit you if i use them :)
pladbelle on le 26 novembre 2007 01:27 (UTC)
Hello! I love you icons! They are amazing. I snagged some of them. I will credit you completely for them.

exveescarlet_paire on le 11 février 2008 20:33 (UTC)
Finally, I found it! \o/ That icon "totally her hero" was the first icon I've uploaded in my LJ, but I couldn't find out who made it... Now I'm going to credit! \o\ I took some of the others, too, if you don't mind. You did a nice job! Your icons are great!